Golnaghesh, a leader in customer orientation

Golnaghesh, a leader in customer orientation


In the difficult conditions of April 2016 and the outbreak of the corona in Iran, many businesses entered a crisis to the point that they were forced to retrench and some went bankrupt. Employees of private companies work remotely, some businesses and guilds are closed, many are quarantined at home, and government agencies and offices work fewer hours a day. We are going through strange and different days. How prepared are we to face any situation that could happen and affect everything? The corona virus has brought about dramatic changes in our society that few expected. Surely you also think that you can no longer work with the previous methods and you must quickly prepare for big changes.

What you once considered customer-oriented measures is not very effective in times of crisis. New Factors in Customer Loyalty The player must know that customer orientation standards change in times of crisis, you must use new methods and review customer relationship strategies to be able to survive and continue in the days of crisis. In the current situation, you need to be more prepared than ever before, accelerate the cycles of receiving analysis and acting based on customer feedback. At this time, we have a different view of customer orientation. In crises, businesses treat their customers from the ground up. It is difficult to determine who really cares about customer orientation and customer satisfaction. With this attitude and the guidelines of the esteemed top management of the group regarding the change of attitude in attracting and satisfying customers, this important mission was assigned to Golnaghesh Toos Company. First, we will ask the question, what is customer orientation? According to the definition, customer orientation is a kind of organizational culture that creates the necessary behaviors to value customers in the best possible way. Also, according to another definition, customer orientation is the perception of customers that their demands and expectations are met, so the first step in customer orientation is to know "what does the customer want? If we can find a suitable and complete answer to this question, then satisfaction We will have customer loyalty and loyalty.

Attract customers in the opinion of people to solve their problems and problems, are willing to buy solutions. This idea emphasizes that products must be provided to meet the different needs of customers. In the field of competition, the most important source of superiority over competitors for any company is human resources and organizational culture. A satisfied and loyal customer is a free amount for the company.

Maghsoud Factories Group, successful in the country to gain superiority in the field of competition, does not only use rhetoric and propaganda, but also tries to achieve complete customer satisfaction by emphasizing pragmatism. Succeeding in providing customer service requires a full commitment to the customer. It is well established that success depends on long-term customer relationships. Attempting to establish these relationships is called "relationship marketing", which implicitly refers to the mutual exchange of interests between the organization and different customers. To this end, we must inform our customers of the unique benefits of our services and meet the needs of different customers. Be ourselves and not just pay attention to the needs of a specific group of customers. Creating good employee relationships with customers will lead to their loyalty to the company, if a customer becomes completely loyal to us, he will commit to us.

Research shows that satisfied customers spread their satisfaction between four and seven people, but dissatisfied customers spread their dissatisfaction between nine and eleven people. Therefore, when dealing with a customer, we try to collect and record information about the customer. Because this information will be useful in assessing customer needs.

The following are 8 golden principles in creating a customer-oriented culture:

respect to customer
Quality of products and services
Providing the required goods and services
Neat environment and staff
Speed ​​and accuracy in providing services
Customer orientation at a reasonable price
Customer Surveys
Beneficial customer relations

Taking into account the key issues mentioned above, especially paragraphs 7 and 8, we decided to establish a closer relationship and pay special attention to the customers of the Maghsoud factories group, and instead of customers attending the collection to select a design according to previous years, the collection experts Having innovative designs that are in line with the market luck and taking into account the tastes of each customer to be present at their office and unveil those designs. This important has three significant advantages. Customers are happy that a collection values ​​them so much, and this creates the most psychological impact for them and doubles the motivation to achieve the goals of the organization. ٢. It causes us to reach the will and luck of the market closely and achieve the final goal with the least deviation ٣. Increasing the sales of the products of Moazzam Maghsoud Factories Group.

We hope that by taking full advantage of the experiences of the esteemed top management of the group, Mr. Mehdi Imani, we can continue this path as much as possible.


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