About Forks and Spoons of Dorsa Co

DORSA Company as the largest spoon and fork manufacturer in the country, using lean production methods, produces products in accordance with the quality of the Solingen brand Germany Company with a capacity of 3 million items per month in three shifts. The company in a land with an area of 2500 square meters in two floors, with 600 human resources, automatic polishing machines in 4 separate production lines of spoons, forks, knives, serving items, can produce the product in four different ways of mirror polishing, sandblasting, gold rim (round), and matte using the finest stainless steel 304.

The achievements of Dorsa Company in the last year…
  • Designing and manufacturing the new bodies of Sorena and Royal items
  • Producing three-dimensional bodies
  • Increasing production circulation from 200,000 items to 10,000,000 items in a shift work
  • Designing and manufacturing screw machine to produce screw body items
  • Localizing and manufacturing polishing wax with the equivalent quality of imported ones
  • Designing and manufacturing roller machine for collecting burrs of row cutting station
  • Manufacturing equipment to decline the transfers between production lines for reducing production times
  • Setting up the Manual Hydraulic Press
  • Equipping and deploying a strong logistics support unit to meet the needs of production, manufacturing, and technical requirements