Maghsoud Kavan Shargh Company has started to work since 2009 with the aim of consulting and providing technical, laboratory and research services in the fields related to minerals, glass, and ceramics. Several laboratories, including advanced ceramics laboratory and preparation, wet chemistry and device analysis equipped with general and specialized appliances and devices of the listed fields to control the quality of raw materials and intermediate products and final products. Measuring the aggregation of raw materials and rheological and plastic properties of slurries for the manufacture of porcelain, chemical analysis of ceramic samples, refractory bricks and other minerals by wet chemistry and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and examining the thermomechanical properties of porcelain and glass containers using a dilatometer and bleaching of the final product are among the laboratory services offered by the company. Moreover, with respect to the necessity of general promotion of products in terms of diversity and functional characteristics as well as self-sufficiency of the complex in supplying applied materials, research and development projects are on the agenda of the company. 



Manufacturing and offering the various formulations of consumed porcelain glaze

Gold and platinum colors used in the decoration of porcelain

Manufacturing and offering the various formulations of porcelain body