Azin Ghaleb Jam Company in 2005 was the founder of the most specialized unit for manufacturing glass molds with high precision and efficiency in the country aimed at producing glass molds and using the most modern state-of-the-art CNC machines in the world, including DMG Germany, etc., as well as utilizing specialized and capable engineers in this field. Among the main products of the Company include the production of various types of molds (glass, opal, porcelain, plastic, metal die-cast), automotive industry parts, oil & gas & petrochemical industries, household appliances & medical supplies, jig & fixtures, engineering instruments, devices and machines for industrial use according to customer's demand and...



Localization of manufacturing various components of Opal melting electric furnace, including holder of electrodes at the floor and top of melting tank and forehearth, melt cutting shears, and platinum feeder parts

Localization of technology for the production of all kinds of molds for the manufacture of borosilicate glass (Pyrex)

Use of modern coating technologies to increase the life of molds for punching, cutting and also enhancing the efficiency of opal molds