Visit of the Supervisory Board of the Comprehensive University of Applied Sciences to Maghsoud University

Monitoring and evaluating the annual performance of universities is one of the issues that is always considered by upstream organizations and its results are the basis for various educational, administrative, student, leveling, etc. decisions. It is applied in connection with universities.

Visits that if the required quorum is not obtained in the financial-student-educational administrative indicators can cause the revocation of licenses and even the closure of centers, for example in Khorasan province, unfortunately in the last one or two years have witnessed the closure of nearly 10 centers that succeeded We have not been required to obtain the quorum. Visits and monitoring of applied science centers are usually done through two channels:

1. Through the supervisory board of the Ministry of Science, based at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

٢. Through the field of Vice Chancellor, Assessment and Supervision of the Comprehensive University of Applied Sciences

The most important parameters of these supervisions are a) being intrusive and without prior notice by conducting annual and continuous visits in any situation b) Careful examination of various topics in various areas of the university with about 30 worksheets with regard to the above-mentioned cases on 08/06/06 99 inspectors from the Department of Assessment and Supervision of the Comprehensive University visited the center. During this visit, for about 5 hours, each member of the board reviewed a part of his supervision and specialization and requested information and documents from the relevant experts of the center to record the required information, and finally in a summary and correspondence that was officially On 08/12/99, they sent to the center, while expressing general satisfaction with the activities taken, the measures taken in the field of research and the innovation center. They found it amazing and commendable, and of course on the promotion of 4 axes out of 30 uses, such as safety tips for the university space and more serious care for the presence of students in the classroom due to cyberspace. – Emphasized more attention to holding practical and workshop classes.

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