About Sargol Shargh Company

Sargol Shargh Co. is the first manufacturer of bone china products in Iran, established in 2012 with a capacity of 2000 tons. During the 7 years of effort to grow and develop this industry and to meet the today’s needs of consumers, necessary strategies have been adopted to increase the diversity of production in the geometric shape of the body, the decor, and a variety of mechanical and chemical properties to cover all customer’s tastes. With two-fold increase in its production capacity, Sargol Shargh Company offers its products with classic rectangle, round, popo, pictured, coupled and private sets.

Bone china Herbal Tea Porcelain Service
Today, Iranian consumers have a strong desire to use herbal tea, and its fruit and vegetable varieties are very much welcomed. In this respect, Sargol Company, in response to this need of consumers, decided to design and produce a special and beautiful service set for this purpose so that we can easily prepare and use a variety of herbal tea. 11 series Herbal Tea Porcelain set includes a beautiful teapot with fantasy shape and body and 3 cups with filter and lid.