About Maghsoud Artistic Creations Co

Maghsoud artistic creations unit, called the Maghsoud cradle of art, started to work in 1996 with the purpose of designing, manufacturing and presenting specific works with different subjects. Maghsoud Artistic Creations with almost 20 years’ history of activity in different fields, including design, modeling, and sculpting, molding, painting, cutting, embossing, and latticework, etc. come together in an intimate and creative atmosphere and pay to the creation of original and innovative ideas.

The achievements of artistic creations unit in the last year…
• Designing and manufacturing a variety of items with fantasy bodies in 28 different designs
• Designing and manufacturing 40 types of functional items including stemware, sweets dining utensils, nuts dining utensils, chocolate utensils, and class utensils
• Optimization of production method in stud porcelain unit
• Design and production of chandeliers, lightings, and lampshades
• Mass production of ornaments with a variety of 150 designs and earning of new related markets
• Increasing the efficiency of fusing furnace and baking decor and gold
• Setting up the assembly unit of products
• Designing and manufacturing a variety of ornaments as well as combining the products with leather ornaments