History of Maghsoud Factories Group

Domestic production, global pride

History of Maghsoud Factories Group

Maghsoud Porcelain Manufacturing Complex was officially opened on 6 March 1993 with the participation of National Bank (Bank Melli) of Iran investment Company and Union of Government Employees (SCAD) with annual nominal capacity (3,000 tons). In the first year of opening, the emergence of a new technology was displayed at a meeting of executives, experts, and professionals across the country in the complex, and the advantages of this technology were trained compared to those of previous traditional technology. The ability of the skilled forces and the efforts and diligence of the hardworking personnel of the complex caused the technology of using industrial ball mills to improve up to almost 100% efficiency in the first few years.

As well as, the consumption of foreign materials declined up to less than 20%, and the first fast-cooking enamels in the complex were designed. The success of Maghsoud Porcelain Company in stabilizing the technology in the country has led other porcelain manufacturing companies to turn this technology and, with the help of specialists of this Company, to develop it in our Islamic homeland. Leadership in the technology was not the end of diligence of the young people of this land, but given the need to upgrade the level of quality management in the atmosphere of the country on those days, Maghsoud Porcelain Company implemented the first quality management systems (ISO 9001) in the year 2000.

The use of press under pressure (slurry) technology has caused the diversification to the products so that production capacity has increased to 6,000 tons per year using existing facilities. The remarkable advancements of the company’s specialists in the early years caused, in 2001, the first 100% Iranian body with 45% soil inside the province to be applied in hard porcelain body. A 50-degree reduction in baking temperature, while maintaining and promoting quality to reduce the energy consumption, has been among the achievements of this complex.

By updating the technology of designing and manufacturing isostatic press molds in those years, this complex has caused the diversification of products and cut off the dependence on the field. Maintaining the standards of quality management, enhancing the standards of environment, and companionship of the complex personnel caused, with the maximum use of raw materials within the country that itself avoids leaving a large amount of currency from the country, the complex continues its activities even more magnificently, with 95% quality in line with national standards, despite all the current problems. The complex always bear in mind that to be among the pioneers of the porcelain industry in the country.
open space of information and shaking hands for the cooperation and accompaniment of professionals, students, and scholars and valuing their ideas have always played a role as a belief in upgrading this complex. And the complex has never hesitated to disseminate these experiences and share the expertise of its experts so that the first collection of the book “Production of porcelain by isostatic pressing method” in 1999 and “Technology of health porcelain production” in 2015 were published in this complex. 

The risk of accepting the.
After the successful launch of a porcelain production complex in Mashhad (years 1981 to 1991) and the transfer of its shares, he decided to establish and set up Maghsoud porcelain production complex in 1992. By the employment of 180 people and production capacity of 3,000 tons of porcelain per year, he used the isostatic pressing method to produce porcelain in the Middle East for the first time. The establishment and startup of Maghsoud Sazan Co. (2001), Sepideh Jam Toos Co. (2005), Azin Ghaleb Jam Co. (2005), Gol Naghsh Toos Co. (2006), Sefid Foam Maghsoud Co. (2008), Maghsoud Kavan Shargh Laboratory Center (2009), Maghsoud Health Company (2009), Maghsoud Business Development (2010), Maghsoud Applied Science Center (2011), Farzam Bespar Maghsoud Co. (2011), Gol Azin Maghsoud Co. (2012), Naghsh Maghsoud Shargh Co. (2012), Sepideh Jam Sayna Co. (2012), Sargol Shargh Porcelain Co. (2012), Pouya Tadbir Maghsoud Co. (2012), Silica Jam Sadra Co. (2013), Forks and Spoons of Dorsa Co. (2013), Asr Shirin Maghsoud Co. (2013), Azinara Shanli Co. (2013), and Azin Shisheh Maghsoud Co. (2015) partially met his goals.
With the development of designs during 25 years, he is currently working in the fields of manufacturing porcelain, opal dishes, bone china dinner service sets, steel forks and spoons sets, molding & collection, exquisite handmade carpets, and carpet tableaus, leather products, flowers with cut branches and medicinal herbs, cakes, and pastries, clothing, design, and production of decals used in the production of containers, packaging and constructing foam. Now, the main products of this group are exported to 13 Asian, European, and South American countries. The sample exporter in the years 2016 and 2017, export sample unit of small and medium-sized industries in the year 2017, top provincial entrepreneur in several years and… are among the honors of Mr. Reza Imani. More than twenty other development plans have been prepared and developed by Mr. Imani. In the case of supplying necessary funding and infrastructure, he will implement them so that, while serving the dear homeland, it could objectify the employment of 15,000 people based on the vision document of Maghsoud Factories Group.

Maghsoud over time (from 1994 to the present)

تاسیس مقصود

Established Maghsoud
1373 - 1995

پیاده سازی ISO 9001

Implementation ISO 9001
1379 - 2001

تکنولوژی پرس های تحت فشار

Pressure press technology
1380 - 2002

تاسیس مقصود سازان

Established Maghsoudsazan
1380 - 2002

تاسیس سپیده جام توس

Established Sepideh Jam Toos
1384 - 2006

تاسیس آذین قالب جام

Established Azin Ghaleb Jam
1384 - 2006

تاسیس گل نقش توس

Established Gol Naghsh Toos
1385 - 2007

تاسیس سفید فوم مقصود

Established Sefid Foam Maghsoud
1387 - 2009

تاسیس مقصود کاوان شرق

Established Maghsoud Kavan Shargh
1388 - 2010

تاسیس بهداشت مقصود

Established Maghsoud Health
1388 - 2010

تاسیس توسعه تجارت مقصود

Established TTM
1389 - 2011

تاسیس علمی کاربردی مقصود

Established Maghsoud Applied Science
1390 - 2012

تاسیس فرزام بسپار مقصود

Established Farzam Bespar Maghsoud
1390 - 2012

تاسیس گل آذین مقصود

Established Gol Azin Maghsoud
1391 - 2013

تاسیس نقش مقصود شرق

Established Naghsh Maghsoud Shargh
1391 - 2013

تاسیس سپیده‌جام ساینا

Established Sepideh Jam Saina
1391 - 2013

تاسیس چینی سارگل‌شرق

Established Sargol Shargh Porcelain
1391 - 2013

تاسیس پویا تدبیر مقصود

Established Poya Tadbir Maghsoud
1391- 2013

تاسیس سیلیس جام صدرا

Established Silis Jam Sadra
1392 - 2014

تاسیس قاشق و چنگال درسا

Established Dorsa Forks & Spoons
1392 - 2014

تاسیس عصر شیرین مقصود

Established Asrshirin Maghsoud
1392 - 2014

تاسیس آذین‌آرا شانلی

1392 - 2014

صادر کننده نمونه سال

Exporter of the Year
1395 - 2017

صادر کننده نمونه سال

Exporter of the Year
1396 - 2018

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