About Gol Naghsh Toos Company

Gol Naghsh Toos Company, since 2006, has been working with a nominal annual capacity of producing and printing about 1500000 sheets of different types of decals for Porcelain, Opal Glass, and Pyrex, Tile, and Heater products.
To provide products fully comply with the latest quality standards, occupational and environmental health and safety, in 2009, Golnaksh Toos Company decided for the establishment of its International Standards Certificate in the framework of Integrated Management System (IMS), and it received approval from DQS Austria International Certification Company in 2009.

The achievements of the “Gol Naghsh Toos Company” in the last year…
• Supply and production of Opal fine dining services with the nature of full-colored surfaces, such as the new designs of “Night and Day (Shab o Rouz)”, “Autumn (Payizan)” in Opal dining services.
• Production and printing of traditional designs in the form of offering decorative, catering, dining, and afternoon tea porcelains to promote and disseminate the traditional Islamic motifs of Iran.
• Supply and manufacture of walled and decorative porcelain with decal design and printing technologies for CMYK.
• Distribution and manufacture of the first decals of bone china enameled (glazed) products and dining services in Iran.
• Development and expansion of the production volume of decals on glass fusing products, leather products, decorative containers of artistic creations unit, variety of ceramic tableware, fireplace, tiles and more.
• The unveiling of a variety of flower arranging and decals decorated on porcelains, dining services, catering services, afternoon tea services, decorative wall services, and bone china, porcelain, and Opal products
• The unveiling of the new designs on opal, bone china, and porcelain bodies with the use of chandelier colors
• The remarkable increase in the ranges of colors and palettes of colors to enhance customer satisfaction in choices of colors.